You Need a Personal Breathalyzer

  You’ve been out for a few hours. You had dinner with wine or a beer; maybe even a cocktail or two. After that you stopped at a club and had a few more. But you paced yourself. You feel fine but you wonder if there’s a road-block or if you roll through a stop sign and get pulled over if you will get busted for DUI.

   So, key half-way in the ignition, you begin to debate with yourself. Maybe you heard once that the body can metabolize one serving of alcohol an hour. You start doing the math – one cocktail before dinner, a beer with the pasta; that was an hour an a half; then another beer at the club before the band started playing which was…what time was that? And what the hell is a serving anyway?

   Then you remember those stories that you’ve heard about people blowing over the legal limit after taking a drink even though an actual blood test shows their true alcohol level to be below the legal limit. The last thing that you drank 30 minutes ago was a beer so does that mean that you’d blow a higher level than you actually are? You begin to wonder if you should walk down the block to the nearby Starbucks and gargle with espresso.

   Well, here’s a perfect solution. Get a personal breathalyzer. Starting at only $85 with free shipping Boozin’ Gear has a selection of breathalyzers that will tell you exactly what you’re going to blow if you get pulled over. With most States’ limits at 0.10 or 0.08 if you blow under 0.08 you’ll be legal to drive in most places.

   Naturally, these devices aren’t intended to help you trick law enforcement. If you ever question your own ability to drive, regardless of the numbers you register on a breathalyzer you should wait or call a cab. Personal breathalyzers are only intended to help you follow the letter as well as the spirit of the law.

Uploaded 08/28/2008
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