You People...

You Pretentious People.

It blows my mind that you actually find the nerve to complain. Especially those of you who like to bitch and moan about your lives on the internet. You can access theinternet in a world where people die daily because they don't have access to food.

This country is one in which the average cup of coffee from a coffee shop costs around 2.50 (USD), yet a kilogram of coffee beans - enough to make around 80 cups of coffee - costs the coffee shop around a dollar, before being shipped from Ethiopia.

This country is one in which 60% of the public believe that the September 11th attacks did not happen in the way that our Government told us that it happened, yet only about 1,700 of the 298 million citizens of this country have signed the petition to launch a new investigation (

I see this, I hear the complaints and the bickering from either side, and I come close to the belief that the planet is beyond saving.

But then, from (of all places) the television, I catch a little sliver of something meaningful.

Little Lakshmi Tatma.

She's a little girl in India, that you've likely never heard of. There are several factors in her story that make it rather uncommon; although the core of the story remains the same. She was born with a deformation, this deformation required surgery to fix, she underwent the surgery... She will likely be able to walk under her own power by the time she's 10 years old.

Have you ever had to think about overcoming anything in order to be able to walk?
Can you compare any hardship that you have ever faced in your lifetime to having to undergo surgery so that you can walk?
What do you think about the aspect of risking your life in order to simply be normal?
What do you consider to be normal?

Imperialism was supposed to have ended with the Monroe Doctrine in 1823, but the citizens of the U.S. continue to project themselves as better than the rest of the world.

Take a look around you, take in the roof that you are under, the car that you drive, the water that you drink, the pre-packaged food that you stuff your face with. Think about that the next time you decide to present your opinion.

Better yet... just think.

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