you see her now what !?

No woman is out of your league. Some women will have different interests and you will not "connect" with one another; but do not let this discourage you. Everyone has a shot with anyone.

The following does not apply for your neighborhood skank. The literature below will assist you in gaining the love and respect of a real, intelligent and respectable young lady. This will just scratch the surface, but will lead you down the right path.

Here are a few things you should know before courting a woman:

Take pride in yourself. Keep yourself well groomed. You may have the greatest personality, but a woman doesn't want to hold her breath to get to know you. This means that you must keep good personal hygiene. Such as showering daily, wearing clean unwrinkled clothing and sneakers/shoes, brushing your teeth thoroughly, nice haircut, etc. Please go light on the cologne and body spray.

Approach her with Confidence and Class. When she walks by do not pant like a dog and say "ayo shorty, that's a nice fat ass, ayo woot woot can I holla?" because the answer is no. Instead walk with her and with a simple "excuse me", introduce yourself and begin a small conversation. Have good posture and an inviting smile. Let her know of your interests in her and ask if the conversation could continue at another time, perhaps over dinner. Exchange numbers and please, remember her name.

Listen to her. Do not quote me on this statistic but, 75 percent of your conversation will be her speaking and 25 percent will be your feedback. Do not sleep on your 25 percent because how you respond is very important; Hence the importance of listening. Do not answer with a simple yes, no or "uh huh". This will keep your conversation limited and she will think you are boring and not interested in what she is saying. You are getting to know someone new and therefore you should ask her questions about her lifestyle. Such as what she does for a living, how important is family to her, what are her interests, what does she dislike, etc. During this process you may strike a nerve and she may not want to discuss something with you at the moment; let it go. Let her know that you respect her decision not to speak on it and that when she is ready to elaborate on the said topic, you will be ready and willing to listen.

Be Genuine. Do not be someone you're not. You cannot keep up a fake persona forever and it is unfair to her because she's not getting to know the real you. Honesty will take you far and there is nothing in your past so bad that you have to lie to a stranger. Feel free to omit information that makes you uncomfortable to speak about until you are ready but, by all means do not lie. A relationship built on dishonesty is hardly a relationship at all.

Chivalry is not dead. Small things that you do will gain her interest such as opening the doors for her, picking up the tab during a date, carrying heavy things for her, etc. She says that she is independent and can do it herself and you agree but, you want to do this for her. After all, a true gentleman would. She is a lady and should be treated as one; let her know that you intend to do so.

Have a good sense of humor. Women enjoy the company of a man who can make them smile or laugh. Just make sure that the joke isn't on you and that you aren't being offensive. Make her feel comfortable; give her the impression that even at her silliest moments you are still interested in her.

You must be willing to change. Not so much that you lose touch with who you are; but rather "upgrade" the person you are. The right female will make you want to do better. You are going to want to broaden your range of the norm to include things that she's interested in. Doing so will make conversations more interesting; and who knows, you may find a new activity or music genre that you actually enjoy, that at any other time you would have never considered.

Have goals. Aspire to be someone. Show her that you have the potential to be someone great and that she isn't wasting her time with someone who wont amount to anything. Be sure to also pursue your goals, it's not enough to just speak of your goals. After all, actions speak louder than words.

Be consistent. After you two have developed a relationship. Do not stop being a gentleman. Continue to open her doors, walk her to her door when returning her home, calling her before bedtime to say goodnight, etc. She will never get tired of having you do those small things for her.

Feel free to reply to this blog and add anything I may have missed. If I think of anything else I will be posting in the replies section below. Question, Ladies, was I accurate with the information I've stated? Gentlemen, was this useful?


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