You sir are..........

I would like to take this moment and thank Mr. Phister for my new avatar. You sir are wonderful, It fits me perfect and I thank you so.


My next honor, although it is not deserved is to Portolet.

                  Portolet or Porta-potty as I like to call him;

       I do not know who you think you are you have taken this attack against me for no reason. I appreciate and love the fact that we can ALL be shitty towards each other when it is due. However, this person has taken a true personal vendetta against me and I am sick of it. I am sure he will have some witty insensitive retort to this blog.  I have been very faithful to this site for a very long time. ( I have been signed up since Sept 13, 2007, but have been faithful for many, many years)  Just because I do not upload crap, and I only stick to comments and blogs does not mean that I do not deserve any less respect. I can be quite crude at times, (i am woman enough to admit) but when I am its very deserving. I do not take kindly to being ripped apart at every chance he gets at every comment I make. I have blocked him but yet he still appears. I only block spammers, I can take a mighty lashing but not every time I type a word. SO i am doing my little whining pussy rant after my 16 hour work day and I am sure he will have a slew of glib comments to follow. So please my friend show everyone that I am right.


To all of my other friends. HI!

BTW has anyone seen PeechyKeen????

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