You Think Marijuana Is Harmless? You Must Be A Retard

I've received a lot of feedback to my yesterday's blog showing statistics proving that marijuana killed thousands of people, yet the drug addicts still prefer to argue saying that overdosing pot is almost impossible. What that has ANYTHING to do with marijuana killing people, I have no idea. 

First off, 20% of all traffic accidents in America are caused by drugged drivers. 70% of them were under the effect of marijuana. It's ironic that the pot addicts usually don't refer to marijuana as a drug. Even though it is classified as such. Imagine 1000 lethal accidents. 20 percent of them is caused by the use of narcotics. 200 accidents, exactly. It's easy to count how many of them are caused by the use of marijuana. 70% of 200 is 140. That's right, 140 out of 1000 accidents are caused by marijuana. Do you need any more proof?

If you do, here's a great clip I received from the user Slayer2k7. I'm glad I got so much support in the comments, showing that many people actually realise that the legalisation of marijuana is a silent agreement to kill people. Some people would still like to bull shit others about how marijuana is harmful or even use it for their agenda. Take Ron Paul, for example, who uses it to manipulate drug addicts into voting for him, because he promises to legalise it. Here's the video that proves beyond doubt what marijuana leads to.

There you have it. A 2 year old fell 3 stories because of pot head parents. Is this enough proof for you druggies? You won't have your shit legalised, not with president Obama around. He's not retarded like you

Uploaded 09/13/2012
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