You Will Read It Because There Is Nothing Else To Read

There seems to be a drought here, so why not? I'm also trying to avoid writing a Lit paper, so I'll try to think of something interesting to say; just don't get your hopes up.

There was an Epic-sized praying mantis in my backyard for about a week. I took some photos, which really didn't turn out good. I did, however, manage to feed it a couple grasshoppers, which easily passed the original Epic-ness of it's size. The crunching noises were ooo soo satisfying hehe. The sad thing is that I can't seem to find it anymore, which is hard to believe because of its size.

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Am I wrong to dislike my school's pep rallys and mock everyone who participates? I mean, I think people take this shit WAY too seriously. I look around at a bunch of mindless idiots yelling just because they are being told to. I find that wrong on so many levels. What has happened to our free will? I mean, it's just high school, not college.

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How many of you prefer blondes over other hair colors? I prefer dark hair, but almost everyone I talk to would prefer a blonde haired woman. I just don't get that. I have heard that people subconsciously prefer a blonde because the color represents fertility or something like that. I still don't see the appeal though.


Well, my wandering mind has run dry of topics. I think I'll start my essay now. Thanks for reading.

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