Your First Diaper Party!

When you arrive at a party, it feels almost like your first day in Kindergarten. Shyly you enter and look around. Nothing much happening, just everyday folk making small talk here and there and getting to know one another. Some people obviously know each other - probably from a previous party. The host introduces you around and you begin to feel a little more comfortable.
Soon one person and then a few more take off their pants or outer clothes and begin to show off their cute diapers, plastic pants or baby outfits. Everyone smiles, but it doesn't seem like a big deal after all. You sneak back to you car and put on your diaper. When you return you immediately take off you pants. Oh, what a great feeling. You're wearing your diaper around others and it feels so comfortable. It's like a dream come true - a moment you've been waiting for all your life. Soon there are games to play, or maybe some folks put on a little funny skit. Some guys are dressed as baby girls. Some "babies" are sucking on their baa baa's. People show photographs or watch AB Videos. Everyone is having so much fun. 

Soon you're wet and in need of a change, so you take your spare diaper and head for the room that is designated for diaper changing. The door is closed, and when you knock a voice answers, "We'll be finished in a minute". Gee, someone is in there getting their diaper changed! You're not ready for that, but no one cares. Maybe next time. There's no pressure. Everyone is free to do whatever feels good and comfortable.

By the end of the evening you're completely relaxed. When the date for the next party is announced you know you're going to attend. You've made some wonderful new friends, and you've passed another milestone in your growth as an adult baby or diaper lover. 


Uploaded 09/02/2012
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