Your Home is Worthless

That is what I would be saying if I lived in the United States of America, in a city overpopulated with overpriced, cheaply redecored houses. It is not really anyones fault except for the greedy banks and their respective parent companies. Oh, lets not forget the government. You can always blame the government. But the government is only there and or should only be there to do the bidding of the people. Its funny when people want tax cuts and then greater funding for various social programs. Don't people get that whenever you receive money from the government (ie for kids) or they pay for newer roads or those green baskets that pick up recycling its all at the cost of you, the hard working individual. This doesnt apply if you are a slack jawed unemployed yokle. You should be ashamed, if it is the case, and slightly proud too. Proud because you are taking advantage of a system that feeds the week. That is to say, it tries to keep you on a low income so you have little aspirations and little to change the things in life that matter on a global scale, or at city hall for that matter. But I digress. The housing market in several places in the US sucks now, and (can't leave the north out of it) I suspect the same will too be true of canada. But fear not, times will change and things will be better on another tomorrow. Peace yo.

Uploaded 10/09/2008
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