Your in-house Neko Expert here.

Over the past year or so, I've had the opportunity to observe and study Neko's behavior within (and outside of) the blog section.  In many cases I have personally involved myself, and have been able to gain some valuable first-hand experience in this subject.

Many have been very supportive of my cause, and have been very generous with passing information to me via meebo and private messages.   Since I seem to be the go-to person when it comes to this department, it seems only right to call myself the Official Blog Section Neko Expert (or OBSNE for short).

I've decided to blog today, to share some of my insight into the vicious cycle that is the drama many here are experiencing.

Much of what we know of Neko is common knowledge.   We all know that Neko uses alternative accounts to abuse the rating systems EBW has in place.  We are all well aware of the fact that Neko has gotten into it with anyone who opposes her enormous ego, or opinion.   We know she's a hypocrite, who is incapable of defending one's self against allegations, without changing the subject - usually to childish insults.   As I like to say,  "Neko has no boundaries, no respect, and no life"  That much we know.

However there has been much debate regarding the "why's".   For example "Why does neko troll?"

 Like a pessimistic, yet grateful prostitute, Neko loves attention - good or bad.  Her overly positive self-esteem has allowed her to make lemonade out of the lemons we have thrown at her.  But please, do not let this fool you.   She does not actually enjoy 1 star ratings, or thumbs down, although she will claim to.  (She has fooled a few of you so far with this technique.)  She is only making due with what she has.   If she doesn't want to admit defeat, she has no other choice but to claim that what people do to hurt her, is actually benefiting her and her cause.  

I know this because she has attempted this is in many other ways.   For example when she accuses people who don't like her, of being obsessed with her.   Although she is aware that this isn't the truth, she is unable to admit that, in order to maintain her egotistical personality.  If she finds that nobody believes her, or agrees, she will then claim that her accusations were merely a ploy to gain a reaction, which would put her in a superior and more favorable position in the situation - "In Control".  

Some other people have been duped into believing that Neko's real personality is very different from what she let's show here.   However, I have evidence that suggests that she has in fact, through her actions and reactions, shown a true side of herself, unintentionally.   The truth is, Neko is very obsessed, or addicted to this website and the attention she gains from it. 
She has claimed that she "knows all the strings to pull, and buttons to push, to get the reaction she wants out of people".   Ok, I doubt this is true, but I'll give her the benefit of a doubt, and ask this - "why?".    Why pull the strings?  Why does she want a reaction?  Why spend over a year, constantly trying to obtain this goal?   She's put in quite a bit of effort for someone who doesn't actually care.   To me, that means she does.   Her Neko account on this website actually does personally and authentically mean a lot to her.  So, we've found her weakness... her sweet spot even.

Other evidence I have to support this claim is the fact that she confronts anyone who gives her blogs 1 star... which she can determine based on the tricks she has found out about, and uses on a regular basis.   Someone who doesn't actually care about ratings would not go through all of that trouble... they also wouldn't make at least 8 alt accounts and use them regularly to alter the ratings and thumbs people give her.   If for whatever reason, she actually wants people to say bad things about her, why would she want to make it look like people like her? 

In addition, even if she actually really wanted people to hate on her, it's because it's the only kind of attention she can get.   It's easier for her to claim that she likes the reactions, than to try and provoke positive feedback through creativity.   Besides, she's already made her bed... she can either sleep in it, or try and get comfortable on the floor.

No matter which is the truth, one fact remains the same... she has a deep obsession with the attention she gets from the site.  So, the next question is, what do we do about that?

Do we ignore her?   Well, that's a personal choice, and I'll tell you why. 

If, like many have tried, we all get together and promise to completely ignore her, 1 or 2 things happen.   1)  She is flattered by the joint effort   2) She gets desperate and takes things farther than need be, by attacking people who were never involved, crossing the line by giving out personal info, and/or following people's activities on other websites besides EBW.   

We do have a choice though.  Each and every one of us has the ability to not get involved at all.  You don't have to let any of this effect your day, in any way.   You don't have to read these blogs, you don't have to respond to any comments.    If you do, it's for your own reasons, and is your own choice.   It doesn't have to get to you... whether or not you're involved.  I realize that some people have no choice but to be effected by this, because of the flagging... but we all know they come back, and it's only as big of a deal as you make it.    Other people have had to deal with this bullshit potentially spilling over into real life, but trying to deal with that by writing blogs is not going to fix anything... those are things that can be dealt with by contacting the right people, outside of the blog section. 

The only thing someone can do to avoid this shit, is to ignore it yourself.   If you don't want to have to deal with it... don't read it, don't even talk about it.   Personally, I'm going to do what I want.  Sometimes I ignore it, sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I give neko's blogs 1 star, other times I do that and get into it with her aswell.  Sometimes I blog about it... sometimes I don't.  It's all a matter of what I'm in the mood for... and it should be like that for everyone.

Sincerely (but only sometimes),

- Tyaeda
(The Official Blog Section Neko Expert)


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