Your money is fake and Big Sister Loves You

As a Canadian I feel Americans are my closest brothers and sisters so I like to check on them every now and then.  I share my opinions, complain about current events and make fun of the US politician.  Most of the time it is just for fun or to make people aware of certain injustices I see. Many people ignore me, get angry at me, agree or argue with me. There are some who respectfully disagree with me.

I have to the best of my ability tried to express my observations to others. Sometimes I made a good point, other times I failed. There is one thing for sure I have tried to convey that few can deny, is my commitment to truth, honesty and the preservation of the American society. In today's world the truth  is so divergent, it is like trying to catch a greased pig. I watched a great video today I hope most of you will watch. Many of you have heard it all before, but the presenter in this case appears so honest, I hope you take the time to listen to him.

Uploaded 12/09/2010
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