Zaks big night

Zak was excited. Monday night football would be kicking off in about 15 minutes. He picked up a case of Blue Moon on his way home from work. Leon's pizzeria had just dropped off  a large boli and 2 dozen wings.  Everything was ready. Jay and Scott would be here any minute. But then he went for the cheese curls. "What, no cheese curls, I have to have my traditional 4th quarter cheese curls".

   So it was off to the market for a quick strike. He hopped into his 98 civic and flew up the street, not even bothering to put on the seat belt. But he always wore his seat belt. And as he approached the stop sign, thoughts filled his brain. "Its just a short trip", the speed limit never goes above 35". But then he thought how most accidents happen close to home and hell it only takes a couple extra seconds. So instead of a stop and go he tried to pull the belt around, but it was stuck. "Now what", He jerked on the buckle a half dozen times. Then he realized  the door was shut on it. Pop open the door, yank the belt around, click, and he's off and running again.

Down the street toward the only light in town. 150 feet away the light turns green. "Alright, that freakin light always takes for ever". But as he enters the intersection, so does Mark. Mark wasn't in a hurry to get home for monday night football, he wasn't even sure where he was  after 4 hours at the Old Barrel House. And his 89 dodge pick up was over matched for Zak  as it slammed into Zaks Civic at 60mph                                                                                                                            Of   course, a few seconds sooner or later on the timing and this would have been a non-event.  Zak might have seen his team make the playoffs that year. His buddies wouldn't have been worried about him for hours,eventually happening across the scene as they went to look for him. And we will  never know if Zak thought, "fucking seat belt" as he glanced out the drivers side window for the last time.

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