Zeitgeist - A must see documentary

I dont know about you but I just love documentaries and bios. I discovered yesterday 2 movies that forever changed my outlook on society. Zeigeist and Zeitgeist: Addendum

Most of us have at some point in our lives ( or even on a daily basis for others) felt like the life were living is wrong somehow, that things are supposed to be different. These 2 movies explain perfectly how people of power have created a universe where people beneeth them are enslaved. If you have never seen any of them, I strongly suggest you look for them, no matter what your age, race, religion or political party might be. In these movies we are explained how so many religions are ripp offs of the egyptian sun worship. All these saints and gods have stricking resemblences as being born on december 25th of a virgin with 3 kings adoring them who were killed and resurected 3 days after known as the lamb of god, the light and so on. They also talk about politics, of course, and how the monetary system is enslaving the human race to the profit of a few who wish to control the world.

I always believed that the media was just a bunch of people who couldnt quite get all their stories straight and chose what they presented and in what sequence in some kind of goal to misinform us and get us scared of things so we dont do shit about shit. Turns out I was right and Zeitgeist demonstrates how 9/11 was an inside job, that Bush, Cheney and a whole other bunch of people in different branches in the government like the CIA totally lied to us for so long.

Did you know that the american dollar devaluated for 96% since it was first printed out? Did you know that only 3% of the world's wealth physically exists? And oh, did you know that there is absolutely no law whatsoever that says you need to pay taxes to the IRS? The reason for that is basically because everytime new money is created, its created out of debt, to cover previous loans made with the previous money. If youd like to un-complicate it, watch the movie.

I wish we could live in a better world but lets face it, who doesnt. I dont believe the world is coming to an end, I dont believe in God, I dont believe in money but I believe in human nature. When the time comes, something somehow will set things straight. Will we ever get to see it?

Uploaded 04/14/2009
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