Zimmerman-Trayvon Scenario # 1

You dip-shits probably are too busy jerking off to Anime and playing with your video toys to know what goes on in the world so I will up-date your sorry asses right quick. Trayvon Martin is a deceased teen who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. George is accused of second degree murder. His defense is pretty much the "stand your ground law."
Here is a scenario for ya... Zimmerman is a homo-sexual who stalks young black men.
 He see's Trayvon and feels guilty about his personal lust for young black penis so he calls the cops. He tells the cops that young Trayvon looks suspicious all the while Zimmerman was thinking 'delicious'. The cops tell Zimmerman to stay away but Zimmerman couldn't resist the urge to follow, it was like Zimmerman's penis was a black-boy detector. Here he is explaining how he like big black penis's in his buttocks.

 Trayvon see's Zimmerman blowing him kisses and jerking off behind a bush, so Trayvon runs. Zimmerman quickly tries to confront Trayvon to tell Trayvon he is only kidding.
Zimmerman tries to hug Trayvon. Trayvon is from the hood and doesn't even know what a hug is. So Trayvon thinks Zimmerman is trying to pull some WWF wrestling move on him. Trayvon is not having that shit because wrestling is gay and everyone knows that.
So Trayvon has to subdue Zimmerman. Zimmerman is on the bottom, where he likes to be when he is with a young black boy, and he begins to try and hug-rape Trayvon. Trayvon then tries to knock some sense into Zimmerman.
 Trayvon was kindly helping Zimmerman to regain his wits but Zimmerman was all frothy in the mouth for some blackness. Zimmerman said to Trayvon, "if I can't have you then nobody can." Then Zimmerman shot Trayvon in cold blood. Any asshole can come up with a scenario.

Uploaded 06/28/2013
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