Zombie Survival Guide Part 2

Download Video as MP4 It's been awhile since my last blog on zombies and stagey on what I would do but to catch up here's the link to catch up:

To continue off that I would like to tell you of the weapons I would choose and why....

Everyone thinks that chain saws, katana blades, and other video game weapons would work... But your far off. If the shit went down.... You'd have to think realistically A. And B. Know and not be afraid to kill a human being. Fact is they're dead or disease and gone. You go that route of a gamer, you'd be fucked, So here's My choices. And over all what I own any way.

I own this model and carry: S&W FNX 40 cal
It shoots like a 9mm and Does far more damage.
I know allot of gun owners will argue this brand, but It beat out my Glock 23 and traded it in for this. Obviously I'd be carrying this if an out break broke out.

I'm a Marine, and all of us have one. "I have 3, but they were all going away gifts" It can stab through a skull if need be.  Ka-Bar

My second Melee / survival weapon. A tomahawk / Pry bar / hammer. It's a multifunctional tool and can do the job of killing zombies as well. This actually is a camping tool that I have.

Now to the
one I do not own, but am issued. It proved itself in Afghanistan to me, and it's accurate as hell soon as you battle site zero it.

The Colt M4. It can Fire 223 along with 5.56 rounds. But Keep in mind AR15 only shoot 223 so if you load a 5.56. Boom ... Nuff said. Plus it can be used at long rang up to 300 - 500 meters with the proper sites "preferred ACOG" and knowing how to shoot it.

Last I would keep on me is ............
Baby wipes, they are extremely anti bacterial. and if you get the undead blood on you, the properties of a wipe would disinfect it.

Fact is over all I would stick to my original plan in the first blog and go to a place with limited populace.
Next blog will be survival items that I would carry and utilization of them. So for the Necro Apocalypse, what would you carry?

Hope you enjoyed.

Cheers.. Your Dirty Uncle DreaD

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