Zombie Survival guide


During time in the field/ Training "were I disapeered too" and boredom just in general for Marines we have to occupy are minds somehow. I watched some zombie movies and played games and the reality is if this happened an infection the general public would be fucked. Because most of the people in society now days have almost 0 common sense and are to book smart and to gullible to for their own good.  So I came up with some strategies that Id do.

When the outbreak happens there will be mass panic caused mainly by the media so everyone will mainly run for water and non perishable foods and cause a giant cluster fuck, some will pack light and leave there homes my plan, and some will just barricade themselves and wait for the epidemic to pass. All are good but with planning, otherwise worthless.Being at my location at Camp Pendleton, Id tell the in-laws, and wife to pack the cars light, water and canned food for 10 days and drive from Arizona to Indio, Ca and stay off the highways theyll be crammed with traffic. Indio is really remote and would take a few days for the disease to reach. For me Id probably be on security patrol with a platoon back at base defending. The National Guard would be on the street but wouldnt last long due to lack of training. But if the Zombies indeed breached  I would Grab as much ammo as I could carry from an ASP ammo supply point, welding kit for last minute Barricades,  an extra pistol and rifle, box of MREs/First aid kit and tell all the Marines do what you want but stay in fire teams. 4 man teams. I wouldnt be too afraid of their skill set as rifle men due to the fact that were trained for accuracy in marksmanship and headshots go first. I would stay away from shotguns, in real life there worthless and good at close range 25 yards. Stay with high caliber ammo. I would avoid well lighted and loud areas altogether they attract too much attention, and stay as silent as possible when moving. Staying and fighting off the infected would be fucking stupid.

 Now if the disease did spread as fast in the movies, all the big cities would be plagued first and fast. So it would be pointless to go there looking for any survivors and would be a death trap for the non-infected. Next I totally ignore the fact that there might be a cure and ignore any TV, Listen to radio stations. No drama and they tell the truth.  Staying on the move and staying in rural areas would be key to living and surviving.  Chances are that within a few days the main survivors would be the gangs, rednecks, and ex military folks/Gun clubs/ Militia men. NOTE: remember how I mentioned high caliber bullets, and thats not just for the zombies  At this point Id be more scared of them than the zombies due to the fact zombies dont fuck each other over, and people do desperate things in desperate situations. NOTE: The ones barricaded now have to fend off the survivors which by now are desperate and dont give a fuck about anyone else. 

I could also foresee all politics disappearing and the land turning lawless. The plague would not actually be the threat but it is the people that are left.  Now when my family is at this point out in the middle of nowhere any zombie that made it that far would be borderline dead from dehydration or lack of food so taking them out would be easy, Due to the fact theyd be slow as hell. International aid would not come until maybe 4-5 months out if it did come. Almost all are allies are two faced and would remain back except for the British Army. There the only allies that actually care. At the end of the month most cities would be destroyed and probably still have infected there but on a smaller level. It is pointless to go back until the end of the next month or until the disease has officially died off.The biggest threat at this point for survivors would be medical needs and supplies. The biggest killer in the end would be Bacterial, Boredom and the survivors who go rouge..

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