Zombies are coming time to allow us to buy arms

With the bath salt sniffing face eating crazy and the lunatic mother eating baby brains I think the zombIes will soon follow in a intense way. Since they were both from the southern part of America it gives us a good idea as to were it will start. I am taking cues from dooms day preappers and starting to collect food and ammo. I am in the army and have learned valued skills that will help me survive, I want to start a group that will band together. We plan to keep our post safe put if over thrown we have a mobile fort and fuelers. It's time to moniter all crazy people in the hopes it won't get that far but I myself would love to see this day, our society is growing to be an evil nonfunctional group but with this we will lose many people and be able to create a beautiful society. But first we must kill this disturbed individuals. One shot one kill always go for the head and make sure we keep ourselves covered so we don't get infected. For now I have to end this as more info comes and the more prepared I get I will name this group and all that our willing to fight, work and gather supplies will be accepted. But if you are a large mammal we might take you just to use you as bait, thank you for ready keep looking for more is to come
Uploaded 06/01/2012
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