Zombie's knawing on your ass

What is the most kick ass thing in the entire world? I do beleive the answer is Zombie movie's. Hands down zombie movie's are the most amazing thing since jesus. Who doesn't like the dead rising from the grave and ripping people juggulars out. And of course to go with zombie movies one of the most rockin' books ever is " the zombie survival guide". But what about the zombie movies that are not really zombies, Like 28 days later. 28 days later was a pretty good movie. What pissed me off though was in the second one 28 weeks later is that there were so many loopholes it drove me crazy. Why the hell would you give a maitnence guy acess to the ENTIRE building, Even the parts where they have fucking zombies stapped to tables. And why the hell would you kiss your wife if you knew she was infected and shit. Even if like I was horny as hell and I hadnt had sex in 2 years I wouldnt kiss my guy if he was a zombie. Sure she didnt show it but thats not what comes first into my mind when I see someone straped top a table Im not all of a sudden like " OH A crazy bitch tied up to a table, I should kiss her!". If all of a sudden there was a zombie outbreak ( this is for the people who have not read the zombie survival guide) what would be your weapon of choice, And what would be your vehicle of choice. Wouldnt it be funny if you took this shit even more seriously then me and you saw some realy tired guy and you ran up and chopped his head of with a machete. And by funny I mean horribly tragic..... But back to zombie movies in my opinion these are some of the best These are not in order by their wicked-ness Night of the living dead White zombie Resident evil 1 and 3...not the second one because it was stupid 28 days later Dawn of the dead Diary of the dead was pretty good but some of the acting was as good and being kicked in the face. If you know any better ones please tell me so I can watch them and absorb their awesome-ness. And please dont bitch about my bad spelling and grammar, It just makes you look like a english nazi.
Uploaded 10/03/2008
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