10 fruit

These 3 guys swam to an island after their boat crashed. The natives capture the men and take them back to their camp deep in the jungle. They told the men that if they want to live, they would have to complete just one task. They tell them that they have to go find 10 pieces of the same fruit. Puzzled, they go into the jungle. The 1st guy came back with 10 lemons. The chief tells him to stick all 10 up his butt without making any facial expressions or be killed. So he got 3 down before he squinted his face, so they killed him. The 2nd guy comes back with 10 cherries. He got 3 down, then got 6 down, then he got all the way to 9 without making a facial expression. But on his 10th cherry, he busted up laughing. So they killed him. When the 2 guys are in heaven, the first guy asked him why he laughed when he only had one more to go. Laughing, the 2nd guy told him that when he saw the 3rd guy come back with watermelons, he couldn't contain himself.
Uploaded 01/11/2008
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