18 things you're taught by videogames

1. There are no problems that can't be solved with violence.
2. If it moves, KILL IT!
3. To drive a vehicle is very easy, practicing isn't needed.
4. One ''Good guy'' can take out an infinte amount ''Bad guys''.
5. You should eat food you find on the ground.
6. You can trash objects without getting caught by police.
7. Hitting stuff doesn't hurt.
8. There are many good stuff to find in trashcans etc.
9. When you driva a car, you can hit others without getting caught.
10. When someone dies, they disappear.
11. There is allways money in the street.
12. Every store has hi-tech weapons.
13. You should pick up everything you find on the ground.
14. It's easy to use weapons.
15. When you're born, you just pop up. And you're immortal for a while.
16. You don't have to be afraid, you've got three lives. You can find more lives in the trashcans (see #8).
17. Every enemy looks the same & has the same name as the others.
18. You shouldn't be worried if your car gets blown up.
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