3 Close friends

4 men were sitting at a bar, and one of them got up to go to the bathroom. While he was gone, the first man said "I'm so proud of my son, he's a Congressman, and he just bought his best friend a Corvette!" The other men congratulate him. The 2nd man interrupts with "Well my son is a college professor at Harvard, and he just bought his best friend a boat!" The others say wow, that's really something! The third man says "My son it an attorney for a man that works for the government, and he's so rich that he just bought his best friend a house!" The other men are amazed, and congratulate him.
The 4th man comes back from the bathroom and sits down. The other 3 men tell him that they were just talking about their sons. The man who just sat down says "Oh my son is a male stripper, and he's gay." The other men say "Oh, I'm sorry..." To which the man replies "Oh no, it's great! His 3 boyfriends just bought him a car, boat, and a house!&qu
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