3 Guys and a Genie

A Canadian, an Iraqi and a Jew are walking down the street together. They stumble across a bottle and open it up. Out pops a genie who says since there are three of you who opened the bottle I will grant you each one wish.

They all agree to the terms, and the Canadian steps up first. Genie he says, Im a farmer my father before me was a farmer, I wish for the land in Canada to be forever fertile. The Genie claps his hands and PooF the land in Canada became forever fertile.

Next up was the Iraqi, he asks the Genie to build a Great Wall surrounding the entire great country of Iraq, 350 foot tall and 350 foot wide, so nothing can get in or out, espescially Jews!

The Genie agrees and PooF a 350 foot high and 350 foot thick wall now sourrounds the the country of Iraq. Nothig can get in or out.

Next the Jew steps up, Genie this wall around Iraq nothing can get in or out correct?

The Genie awnswers, yes.

The Jew says, Good then fill it with water.
Uploaded 01/28/2009
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