3 Guys Die And Go To Hell

One time there was these 3 guys that all died and went to hell. When they arrived in hell, Satan walked up and told each of them they had 1 wish each. And they had to live with this 1 wish for 10,000 years in a cell alone.

Satan asks the first guy, whats your wish? First guy says, i want to be locked in a cell with all the good food in the world. BAM, hes locked up with all the good food.

Satan asks the 2nd guy what he wants to be locked up with and he says all the hot ladies in the world. BAM, locks him up with all the finest women in the world.

Satan approaches the 3rd guy and says what do you want to be locked up with, and the guy replies. All the Crack in the world. BAM, locks him up with all the crack in the world.

About 5,000 years later Satan comes to check on the guys. Walks up to the first guys door and hes dead from eating all that food. Walks up to the 2nd guys door, and hes in there going nuts from all them females. And he walks up the the 3rd guys door and before he can open it all the way the guy runs up and says give me a F**KING LIGHTER!!
Uploaded 06/21/2009
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