3 Wishes

3 Wishes with a Catch

One day Joe finds a genie lamp and decides to test his luck out. He picks the lamp up and gives it a good rub. The big giant blue genie pops out from the spout and says, “You may begin with your first wish”. Joe out of disbelief says, “YES ANYTHING I WANT?” The genie agrees and says, “there is a catch though, in each of your 3 wishes your Ex Wife will get double of everything you get’. Joe sits and thinks about it and says, “I think I can handle that!” The genie says “then what is your first wish Joe?” Joe thinks to himself and decides that his first wish is 1 million dollars. The genie says, “you do realize that your Ex Wife will get 2 million dollars you know that right?” Joe agrees and says he can live with that. The genie asks “What will be your second wish Joe?” Joe thinks for a little bit and says “my second wish will be to have a HUGE mansion as big as the White House”. The genie agrees and says “but your ex wife will get one 2 times the size ok”? Joe agrees and says “No Problem”. The genie then says “Joe you have one more wish what can I grant you?” Joe stops and thinks and finally says “ok, my last wish I want you to beat me half to death”. The genie stops and thinks about it, laughs and grants him his wish! ;)
Uploaded 01/01/2009
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