3 wishes

A man reaches the summit of a mountain he was climbing and sits down to rest. He spots a genie lamp near the edge of the cliff and decides to give it a rub. To the mans delight, a genie pops out of the lamp and grants the man 3 wishes, as long as he jumps off the cliff each time to prove his faith to the genie.

For the mans first wish, he asks for 100 billion dollars. He jumps off the cliff and lands in a pile of billions of dollars.

For the mans second wish, he asks for a million naked virgins that will worship him for life. He jumps off the cliff and lands in the arms of a million naked virgins.

For his third wish the man has to think very hard. He paces back and forth along the edge of the cliff, pondering his final wish. He finally makes up his mind and turns toward the genie. As he turns he trips on a crack and falls backward off the cliff and yells, "SHIT!" and lands in a huge pile of shit.
Uploaded 09/03/2008
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