50 Predictions of 2008

Which ones came to past?

#01 - Fidel Castro Dies.

#02 - The Indianapolis Colts stun the world and upset the Patriots in the championship game

and go on to repeat and win the super bowl.

#03 - The Boston Celtics win the NBA championship.

#04 - K Fed gets around. He knocks up yet another girl.

#05 - News reports that Anna Nicole Smith was murdered, and not a suicide as previously


#06 - Hillary Clinton doesn’t win the 2008 election. Hillary has lost the
Democratic nomination and was not chosen for vice president.

#07 - Osama Bin Laden will be captured, and ultimately killed before he is brought to trial.

#08 - America Online, AOL will shutter it’s services for all dial up connections.

#09 - Britney Spears in a heroic effort saves her children from certain death.

#10 - Lindsay Lohan enters rehab, again. But this time, she is ordered to stay there by a


#11 - Jessica Simpson turns up pregnant. K Fed is not the dad.

#12 - Ford Motor Company will be on the brink of bankruptcy and only GM will come to their

aid and bail them out.

#13 - The writers strike will continue into March ruining the 2008 television season.

#14 - An asteroid on a trajectory course to earth will be discovered. It will reach earth in

4 years.

#15 - The lost city of Atlantis will not be discovered. Yet significant evidence that it

once existed will come to light.

#16 - A completed Twilight Zone special written and produced by Rod Serling will be found.

#17 - Empirical evidence will be provided from a death bed confession of a retired C.I.A.

operative concerning president John F. Kennedy that Oswald did not act alone.

#18 - Ghost Hunters, TAPS, will capture video and audio evidence of a supernatural entity.

#19 - The summer of 2008 in Antarctica will reveal land mass that was covered in ice for

centuries. A well preserved prehistoric man will be unearthed there.

#20 - Britney Spears misses yet another custody court hearing and the judge rules in favor

of K Fed giving sole custody to him.

#21 - NASA will discover a new planet circling a sun that has the same properties as earth,

approximately the same size, density, and distance from the sun.

#22 - Pamela Anderson - Lee - Rock - Lee - Soloman gets divorced.

#23 - Pamela Anderson also has yet another boob enhancement.

#24 - Magician and illusionist Harry Houdini makes contact with psychic John Edwards on his

national television program.

#25 - The Ohio State Buckeyes defeat LSU and become NCAA National Champions.

#26 - Hundreds of UFO sightings will be reported in the Summer months of this year. These

sightings are a prelude to first contact.

#27 - Mount St. Helens will erupt causing significant damage.

#28 - Michael Jackson will return to the states with a new pop album.

#29 - Ramses II tomb investigation will reveal the bible story is accurate.

#30- A remake of Gilligan’s Island will be pitched to Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy. They

both accept.

#31 - Scarlett Johansson announces she will appear nude in her next movie filming late in


#32 - Hayden Panettiere voids her contract with the hit television series Heroes.

#33 - OK, Yet another Paris Hilton porn video surfaces. This time however, she is filmed

with another woman.

#34 - ABC producers rethink their business model concerning hit show LOST, and accelerate

the conclusion by canceling the sixth season by adding 32 episodes for 2009.

#35 - The Olson twins split and go their separate ways.

#36 - Tom Cruise admits that he believes in aliens.

#37 - Tony Romo dates Jessica Beil.

#38 - Brett Favre, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers announces that he is considering


#39 - Jennifer Love Hewitt becomes the new spokeswoman for Subway. (Jared is pissed)

#40 - Donald Trump loses a bet and shaves his head.

#41 - O.J. Simpson claims to have written yet another book. Nobody cares.

#42 - I cannot resist. Britney Spears gets pregnant joining her 16 year old sister.

#43 - Cameron Diaz breaks her arm while skateboarding.

#44 - David Blaine actually has a magic stunt work in 2008.

#45 - Siegfried and Roy reunite and perform on a limited basis in their secret gardens arena

in Las Vegas.

#46 - Bruce Jenner wises up and seeks divorce from Kardashian clan.

#47 - Avril Lavigne gets a boob job. Claims it was necessary for health reasons.

#48 - Actress and Nipple queen Bai Ling for once does not expose her nipples during a photo


#49 - The Cincinnati Reds win the World Series.

#50 - George Lucas announces that three more Star Wars movies will go into production

picking up where Star Wars three ended. Rosie O’Donnell signed on to portray Jabba The Hut.
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