A city slicker buys a pig

A city slicker goes to the country to buy a 100 pound pig for a family cookout and pulls into the first pig farm he sees.

He approaches the farmer and tells him, " I need a 100 lb. pig."

The farmer nods, looks around at all his pigs, walks over to one and hoists it off the ground with its tail between his teeth. "This one is just over 100 lbs., will that do?"

The city slicker is stunned. "What are you doing? That's not how you weigh a pig. Don't you have a scale?"

The farmer insists that's how they've been weighing pigs for generations. He offers to have his son verify the pig's weight. "Hey son, this fella wants you to weigh this here pig."

The boy snatches the pig up by the tail, "Just over 100 lbs, pa."

The city slicker is not impressed. "What kind of con are you trying to pull on me? Don't you people have a real scale around here?"

The farmer then asks "If I can one more person to way this pig will you believe me?"

"Sure" said the city slicker.

"Junior, run up to the house and git your Ma."

The boy runs off but after a few minutes comes back without her.

"Boy, I thought I told you to git your Ma. Why didn't you do what you were told?"

"I tried, Pa, but she was busy weighing Uncle Billy."
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