A clean joke

One sad day in the village, the church bellringer died. He was an old man and he died quietly in his sleep. As the town priest mourned the passing of his friend, he also wondered about the future of his church and who he could get to ring the bell for him in the future. He placed an ad in the local paper for anyone interested in the position. Several men from the village came to talk to the priest, but they were desperate sorts who cared nothing about the church or of the bell, simply looking for work. As the saddened priest decided that he would simply have to choose one of the men, he heard a strange knocking at the church door. When he opened the door he found a man standing on the stoop with no arms. "excuse me padre, but I have come to interview for the bell ringer position." The priest took a long look at the man and simply said" how could you possibly be able to become the church bell ringer?" "well padre, if you would show me to the bell tower, I would gladly show you. I come from a long line of bell ringers and it is in my blood." The priest led the man up the winding stairs to the bell tower top. The man with no arms approached the single large bell and began to study it closely for several minutes. Finally he nodded and backed up several paces to the edge of the room. He flew forward and slammed his face into the side of the bell. A tremendous gong sounded out, reaching to the far corners of the village. It was the most beautiful sound the priest had ever heard. He hired the man on the spot.
For the next several weeks, the man with no arms sounded the bell for evening service and everyone was awed by the beautiful sound that the bell made. But one fateful night, as the man prepared to ring the bell for service, he tripped and fell down the long tower shaft and broke his neck on the hard stone floor of the church. The priest was very distraught and sent for the town constable at once. The constable took a long look at the bell tower shaft above and the broken body of the man laying at his feet. " Father, did you know this man?" The priest replied," I didn't really know him, but his face really rings a bell."
It gets worse............
After several days of mourning, the priest found himself in the same position he was in weeks earlier, now who would he get to ring his bell? The man with no arms had seemed a gift from god, how could he replace him? Suddenly he heard another strange knock at the church door. The priest was startled when he opened the door for he thought we was looking at the ghost of the man with no arms. "forgive me padre, I do not wish to bother you, but my brother was the man who recently worked for you as a bell ringer. Ringing bells runs in our blood, and I would be deeply honored if you would allow me to take my brothers place as your bell ringer." The priest stared at the man with no arms and asked softly" Would you be able to ring the bell as beautifully as your brother?" "allow me to show you" So once again the priest led a man with no arms to the top of the bell tower. The brother studied the bell for several long minutes and finally nodded to himself. He backed to the edge of the room and flew forward to slam his face into the side of the bell. Once again the beautiful sound issued forth from the bell and the priest gladly accepted the man with no arms into the church as the new bell ringer. Several months passed without incident, until one fateful evening. Just as his brother before him, the man with no arms tripped on his run to the bell and tumbled down the tower shaft to break his neck on the church floor. Once again the constable was called to the church. " i guess that you don't know much about this man either?" said the constable. "No constable, I don't know this man, but he's a dead ringer for his brother."
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