A hard lesson in WW2 sensitivity.

So a few weeks ago, a friend -we'll call him Bocephus- and I were at our favorite local coffee joint enjoying ourselves. Now I should first start by saying that Bocephus doesn't have that filter in his brain that allows him to distinguish what words come out of his mouth at any given time, nor is he a quiet man. So he goes on to tell some Jew jokes and one joke in particular about the holocaust and Auschwitz. Just before he gets to the punch line, we were interrupted by a guy 2 tables down that slammed his laptop shut, grabs his belongings and coat in an aggressive manner whilst staring us down the entire time. As he starts walking out the door and passes us, he stops, gives Bocephus a hell of a stink eye and says "Ya know, you should really be careful of telling those kinds of jokes in public, some people could be very offended by them. My Grandfather died at Auschwitz." Now, Bocephus is at a total loss for words -very rare for him- and says goes on to say "Oh my gosh, I really didn't mean anything personal by it, I'm very sorry for your family's loss." The stranger, then loses the grimmace on his face and states very matter-of-factly "It's ok, he fell out of the guard tower!" He looks at us with a big shit eating grin and walks out the front door. It took a good 30 seconds for us to realize what he just said to sink in, but when it did, we couldn't stop laughing about it for quite some time.
Uploaded 02/20/2013
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