A man's wish

One day a fisherman was out at sea, when he snares a tiny little gold fish. Looking up at him the goldfish speaks, telling him "I'll grant you one wish, if you promise to let me go."
Amazed at finding this magic fish, the man agrees and begins thinking of all the things he could possibly ask for.
After a short while of thinking the man reports to the "I know what I'll wish for," and runs to get his map. Opening the map he begins to glide his finger over all the nations in the middle east, outlining them, and says to the fish "My wish is for there to be peace in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and the rest of these nations!"
To which the fish responds "These nations have hated each other, and been spilling each others blood for thousands of years now. Even though I'm magic this is a little too much for me to be able to change."
Slightly disappointed the man nods, and begins thinking again.
"Ok" he replies "Give me a beautiful woman that is kind and considerate. A woman that won't complain for every task, will gladly sleep with me, won't bring up the past in an arguement, won't spend all of my money, and will happilly cook for me."
Staring at the man the fish replies:
"Let me see that map again..."
Uploaded 12/16/2009
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