A muslim goes heaven.

Abraham dies and goes to heaven where he meets St. Peter at the gates. St. Peter welcomes him to heaven but Abraham who is a muslim seems to be to frantic to care and says to St. Peter "I need to find Mohammed!" So St. Peter sends him up one floor.

When Abraham reaches the second floor he is slightly out of breath when he sees the angel Gabriel and tells him again he needs to find Mohammed so Gabriel tells him again to go up a floor. At this point he is thinking to himself "wow Mohammed is more important than St. Peter and the angel Gabriel. When he gets to the third floor he sees Jesus and asks him very out of breath. "Mohammed! I need to see Mohammed!" so Jesus tells him "Go up one floor my friend"

So Aberaham is struggling up the flight of stairs when he thinks to himself again "wow he's even more important than Jesus" When he reaches the next floor he sees a man with a long white beard and realises it's God. God sees that Abraham is extremley out of breath and asks him "would you like a coffee?" Abraham is frustrated and says " No i just want to find Mohammed!". God tells him "Yes you will but please rest ." Abraham agrees to have a coffee with God. God is happy that Abraham has accepted and calls out "Mohammed ... 2 coffees."
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