A Smelly Situation

A man and a woman were about to become married. Both were really excited because they had been dating for a few years now but they were both very anxious because each of them had a deep secret that they hadn't shared with each other and knew it was only a matter of time that it would be revealed once they were married.

The man had the stinkiest feet ever. He would change his socks eight times a day, use powders, all the medications he could grab but nothing would cure him!

The woman had the worst breath ever. She always carried around a few packs of mints, tic-tacs, gum, mouthwash but it always came back a little while later!

On the night of their honeymoon they both were really nervous. The man decided to take the bathroom first and get ready. He went in and immediately took off his socks and started scrubbing and using all the medication he could. With a big round of courage, he walked out of the bathroom and let his wife in. To his horror, he realized as the door closed th
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