Bad Dream

A young boy has a terrible nightmare that his grandpa was going to die. So he rushed into his parents room to tell them,"I had a dream grandpa is gonna die!", and they ignored him and told him to go back to bed.
The next day the whole family finds out that the grandpa died mysteriously. The family was a bit creeped out.
A couple days later, the boy has another dream that his Dad was gonna die... so he rushed back into his parents room and said the same. "Mom, dad, I had a dream dad is gonna die." They yet again told him to go to bed.
The next day the dad wakes up and is a bit nervous about the bots dream. So he does everything carefully. He doesn't shave, eat anything in fear of choking, drives in the slow lane, and does everything cautiously.
He later comes home and says to his wife, "Hi honey. Boy have I had such a stressful day today at work." She replies and says," You thought you had a bad day, the mail man just died on the front porch...
Uploaded 05/20/2010
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