Bullfighting Specialty of the House

After many years of hard work and saving, a man travels to Sevilla, Spain in order to visit the birthplace of his ancestors. While touring some of the local attractions, the man notices a small, hole-in-the-wall restaurant and decides to pay it a visit. He takes a seat near the back of the restaurant and waits for the waiter. The waiter brings him his menu and shortly thereafter, the man orders his meal. As he sits quietly waiting for his lunch, a large crowd comes in laughing, cheering, and clearly congratulating a man of small stature. The waiter walks by the man with a steamy dish that consists of two large, oval shaped entrés that smell absolutely delicious. The waiter gives the dish to the small man and walks, again, by the man. The man tugs on the waiter's sleeve and asks, "Sir, what is that delicious smelling dish you brought out for that man?" The waiter replies, "Señor, that is the specialty of the house. The meat comes from the local bullfight." The man then says, "Can I switch my order to that?" To which the waiter replies, "Sorry señor, you must be the first customer of the day to receive this dish. Please come back tomorrow if you want to try it." The man says thank you and waits for his meal. The next day, the man comes bright and early and orders the specialty of the day. The waiter tells him that he will be the recipient of the dish and he can come back at noon. The man leaves and does some more touring before finally returning to claim his meal. He takes a seat, again in the back of the restaurant, and waits patiently for his dish. He notices that there is no crowd this time and that the town seems a little deserted. The waiter brings the man his specialty and quietly stands back as the man digs in. After two or three bites, the man says to the waiter, "Sir, this dish is absolutely delicious, but I noticed that they seem to be about a fifth of the size of the ones I saw yesterday." The waiter solemnly replies, "Sí , señor, sometimes the bull wins."
Uploaded 11/13/2008
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