Cindy's Shiny Shoes

Cindy, a very attractive mid-level office manager, goes to work one day donning a new hairstyle and all new outfit: a floral top, an almost too short skirt and a new pair of shoes. She quickly becomes aware that a lot more people than usual are approaching her and striking up conversations. And it wasn't just people from her floor. The copier guy came over, as did the UPS driver, the IT guy, the director of HR, and just about half the sales staff. They were each exceptionally pleasant and best of all, every one of them noticed and complimented her on her new shoes. She was on top of the world when she got called to the big boss's office.

"Cindy," her boss started, "It seems you have really been the talk of the office today."

"Yes, I guess I have," replied Cindy. "But I really don't know why."

"Do you think it might have something to do with your new shoes?" she was asked.

"I suppose so, but I've worn new shoes before and not gotten this kind of attention."

"Well,' her boss added, looking at her feet, "they certainly are nice...and shiny."

"Thank you," said Cindy modestly. "I think I'll start wearing them to work all the time."

"That's great, Cindy, please do." said her boss. "But the next time you do, you might want to wear panties as well."
Uploaded 07/18/2011
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