Condom Slogans set 7

181) Don't be a fool, wrap your tool
182) if you think shes spunky, cover your monkey!
183) Wrap it before you slap it
184) Conceal your mushroom shape before you part her beef drapes
185) Don't be uncertain protect yourself before entering her meat curtain
186) Cover your rock-o before sour creaming her taco
187) use a shield before you sew her field
188) Put on your hat before you give her a splat
189) cover your snitch before you ram the bitch
190) hide old nick, before you jab her ribs
191) Flag your pole
192) Before a late night wrap it up tight
193) don't have sex without latex
194) Cover Billy then make her silly
195) wear a helmet to go to war
196) wrap the cock let it drop
197) cover your meat and make some heat
198) wrap your stump before you hump
199) Cover your shooter, then shoot in her pooter
200) Garnish your beef, then dive her reef
201) Shield your funnel and engage her tunnel
202) Cover your mound, and prepare to pound
203) Sheath your blade, then give her the spade
204) Wrap your shaft before you break her in half
205) Roll your oat, then paddle her boat
206) Cover your yam then pound her ham
207) Armour the tank before you enter the flank
208) sWrap the goat before swimming in her moat
209) Leash your pet before launching your jet
210) Baton down the hatch before feeding her snatch
Uploaded 11/12/2008
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