Condom Slogans set 8

211) Chain the beast before presenting the feast
212) Before you tap it, wrap it
213) Cap your tinkle before you visit the fish wrinkle
214) Save her cunt, from shit loads of spunk!
215) Wrap your dill before you spill
216) Dont be a Fool, wrap your tool
217) Wrap that gator, no regrets later
218) Wrap your meat and get her in the sheets!
219) Don't forget the diaper when you're laying piper
220) when you nail her accsessorize your sailor
221) Put on a rubber before you sub her
222) Don't trust Jesus cover your penis
223) Dress him up before you mess her up
224) Holster your Pistol before you whip her
225) before you bang cover your wang
226) No matter what kind of meat you put in your sandwich you still have to wrap up your hoggie
227) Put a cover on yer hammer then ram her and ram her
228) Clothe the boner before you own her
229) Before you make a disaster put the saftey on your blaster
230) protect ur pole before u battle with the hole
231) No shirt, no flirt!
232) Wrap it before you tap it
Uploaded 11/12/2008
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