Cowboys and Indians

A cowboy is riding through the plains of Oklahoma when he notices a bit of smoke off in the distance. As he is riding there he could see what looked like 6-7 broken wagons on fire. When he got to the site there were bodies littering the ground along with smashed wagon parts, torn clothing and copious amounts of blood. he scours the site for valuables and begins heading to the nearest town. Under a pile of rubble he hears a groan and then a call for help. Leaping from the horse he rushes toward the sound. He can see a bloodied and broken woman lying in a ball. He helps her to an open space and gives he water asking "What happened here?" She replies "A wild eyed group of indians surrounded our camp and began killing everyone and burning everything. When I was the only one left the savages repeatedly raped and beat me for hours before leaving me to die in the wilderness!" A serious look comes across the face of the cowboy as he stands up. He begins to undo his belt as the woman asks "What are you going to do?" to which he says, "You're about to have a bad day"
Uploaded 10/10/2010
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