da freshest yo mamma jokes!!

Yo mama is so old....
That when Moses split the Red Sea she was on the other side fishing.

Yo' mama's so fat, she wears two watches
-- one for each time zone!

Yo mama's so big, that they had to change
"One size fits all" to "One size fits most"

Yo mama's so fat, her driver's license says:
"Picture continued on other side."

Yo Momma's is so fat, she fell asleep in the attic and woke up in the basement.

Your momma is so old, she delivered Jesus.

Yo mama so old, I told her to act her own age, and she died.

Yo mama's so old, she farts dust.

Yo momma's so old, she still owes jesus a quarter.

Yo momma's so old, she saw passion of christ live.

Yo mama so ugly the government moved Halloween to her birthday.

Yo mama so ugly they filmed "Gorillas in the Mist" in her shower

Yo mama's so ugly, she could scare the flies off a sh*t wagon.

yo mammas so poor she was kicking a can down the street and i asked her wat she was doin and she said"moving"

Yo mama so stupid that she sold the car for gas money.
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