Done wiping

We all have always wanted to know how blind people know when to stop wiping after taking a shit. I decided to google this. I found a question and answer site.

The question, how do blind people know when to stop wiping, was at the top of the page and at the bottom, the answer.

The answer read: My boyfriend and I are both blind and we are constantly bothered with this question. it's rude. But if you must know, we can just feel when we are clean. When we sense that we are clean, we stop wiping.

Then I realized that this answer was fake. How did she answer this question. Blind people can't read something on a computer..... sure they can type but how did she read this question??

So with an answer that can't be trusted, I took my investigation to plan B. I was in town when an old man with dark glasses and a service dog were sitting on a bench.

I said to the man that I wasn't trying to be rude, but how did he know when to stop wiping after pooping. His, answer makes sense.

He said, "Well, I have no clue how those other bastards do it, but my service dog licks me clean like a mama dog lickin a baby dog. When she stops lickin I'm clean. I haven't had stained undies since I got this dog. How do i know that? I sniff my undies after every day young lady."

Speechless I look down at the dog, licking my hand. I walk away. FML
Uploaded 08/28/2010
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