Dying Woman's Last Request

An old woman wanted to get laid by the perfect man before she died

She had plenty of money so she sent her servant out for two weeks to travel the world and come back with the perfect man

He had to be 6 foot 3, 185lbs, Chisled muscles, a strong jaw, and most importantly, he could not have been with another woman

After the two weeks ended the servant returned with the most gorgeous man the old woman had ever laid eyes upon

He was a 6ft 3, 185lb, Australian with a chisled body from heaven

"Have you even been with another woman?" She asked
"No, maam I have not" replied the Australian

She said you are just right, I am going to slide into something more comfortable, then I will be right out

She goes into the Bathroom and starts to get her mojo started when she hears furniture being drug around and loud noises coming from her bedroom.
She jumps with joy as she imagines getting ready for the greatest sex of her life.

When she comes out of the bathroom, she sees the Australian standing naked with all the expensive furniture piled on top of her bed.

"What the hell is going on?" She asks
"I am getting ready for you" He replied
"I thought you never had sex with a woman before, so why the hell do you act like you know what you are doing!"

And he said
"I havent been with another woman before, but if its anything like fucking a kangaroo, we are going to need all the room we can get!!!"
Uploaded 12/05/2008
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