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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Heya
You: Hi
You: is it your birthday?
Stranger: In a couple of weeks ;p
You: ok Ill have to charge you then
You: but you remember to come back
You: birthdays are free
Stranger: alright.
You: You there?
Stranger: Yeah sorry
Stranger: well can you stop being an internet hero please
Stranger: x)
You: wat
Stranger: im alis/alisa, 18, form barcelona, spain
Stranger: what about you
You: Me
You: My name is elfwood
You: and I have 3 stats all of them 18
You: 18 in strength
You: 18 in charisma
You: and 18 in MY PANTS
Stranger: ;p
You: so
You: you like it in your anus?
Stranger: actually, if the guy can do it properly i do
You: oh
You: and what does "doing it properly" entail?
Stranger: not rushing it
Stranger: not finishing in 10 minutes
You: my boner has reched critical mass
Stranger: alright...
You: so heres the deal
You: i was cuddlin wit ma honey
You: and then the phone rang
You: and it said
You: "getaway frum ma daughter or ur dead"
You: so I told her
You: ur dad called
You: and she said
Stranger: dude im not in the mood
Stranger: its fucking 9 am here
Stranger: and i woke up at 10 pm
Stranger: chill please ;x
You: ok
You: do you enjoy bleeding during sex?
You: cause I enjoy cutting women
Stranger: no, sorry
Stranger: not into all this sado stuff
You: consensualy of course
Stranger: ;x
Stranger: nor leather/latex
You: sado?
You: no
You: I just like blood
Stranger: sigh
Stranger: guess im off to talk to some other stranger
Stranger: which is less of a weirdo
Stranger: was nice to meet you
You: wiat
You: i haveo ther less weird things to talk about
You: like
You: umm
Stranger: do you masturbate?
You: why?
Stranger: Don't know
Stranger: just feeling like asking
You: do, YOU?
Stranger: i don't
You: have you ever stuck your finger up your but?
Stranger: well it sure is a compliment when someone's doing oral sex to you
You: wait so you actualy get pleasure from that?
Stranger: again, if the guy knows how to work on it properly
Stranger: it is nice indeed
Stranger: most don't
You: how exactly does one work on it properly?
Stranger: so if they dont take the iniciative
Stranger: i don't ask for it
Stranger: well
Stranger: its hard to explain
Stranger: for instance i woke up at 10 pm today barcelona time, i was at home alone, with a cranky and shitty hangover
Stranger: i got a visit of someone i didn't meet for 2 years
Stranger: now he knows how to please a woman...
Stranger: + added excitement of not seeing him for 2 years
Stranger: + him being just... perfect
You: perfect that is in apearence?
Stranger: not really
Stranger: in well
Stranger: in doing to me what i've always wanted to
Stranger: but 10 times better
Stranger: you know
You: kinda
Stranger: theres a big difference
Stranger: of a plain
Stranger: "hei lets fok lol" that lasts 20-30 minutes and the woman doesn't get much
Stranger: and 3 hours of well
Stranger: i dont know how to describe it
You: so how long should someone last?
Stranger: previous excitement before sex towards the woman = profit
Stranger: not about lasting
Stranger: its about what you do before
Stranger: and how you do it obviously
You: give examples
Stranger: well lets see im kinda tired atm but hold on
Stranger: well
Stranger: i explained it everything in detail to a friend over msn
Stranger: since this is anonymous
Stranger: guess i could copy paste it
Stranger: if you're up for it
You: yes
Stranger: dont know about the formatting
Stranger: but lets see how it looks
Stranger: well its gonna be a pain to read for you

Stranger: you still up for it?
You: yes maam
You: this is for science
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: alright then
Stranger: well so basically
27/05/2009 5:35:45 alisS* Jake i was asking if people were up for doign something on msn earlier right
27/05/2009 5:35:52 alisS* Jake at around 10ish
27/05/2009 5:36:04 alisS* Jake 10 pm for me at least
27/05/2009 5:36:29 Jake alisS* kay
27/05/2009 5:36:32 alisS* Jake sooo
27/05/2009 5:36:35 alisS* Jake im showering fixing myself
27/05/2009 5:36:40 alisS* Jake i hear someone's at the door
27/05/2009 5:36:54 alisS* Jake parents aint at home so i just grab a towel and open the door
27/05/2009 5:37:09 Jake alisS* kay
27/05/2009 5:37:40 alisS* Jake so to my surprise there's some guy i used to know really well and we just lost contact, weren't going out anymore etc
27/05/2009 5:37:55 Jake alisS* Go on
27/05/2009 5:37:57 alisS* Jake so i let him in
27/05/2009 5:38:00 alisS* Jake cause well wouldnt let him outside
27/05/2009 5:38:31 alisS* Jake and go to well
27/05/2009 5:38:33 alisS* Jake to dress up etc
27/05/2009 5:38:41 alisS* Jake so while im doing that
27/05/2009 5:38:46 alisS* Jake he justs get inside the room
27/05/2009 5:38:52 alisS* Jake bites my eyer and whispers
27/05/2009 5:39:00 alisS* Jake "im waiting for you in the living room"
27/05/2009 5:39:09 alisS* Jake that was just... haha well
27/05/2009 5:39:11 alisS* Jake pretty awesome ;p
27/05/2009 5:39:29 alisS* Jake so
27/05/2009 5:39:48 alisS* Jake when im done i just come out of the bathroom
27/05/2009 5:39:59 alisS* Jake and well we begin to talk etc
27/05/2009 5:40:16 alisS* Jake he suggest that we get some beers or smt
27/05/2009 5:40:23 alisS* Jake so i tell him yeah go ahead
27/05/2009 5:40:27 alisS* Jake so he goes to get some beers
27/05/2009 5:40:33 alisS* Jake comes back
27/05/2009 5:40:42 alisS* Jake kisses my neck
27/05/2009 5:40:47 alisS* Jake so i want to kiss him back
27/05/2009 5:40:49 alisS* Jake but he avoids it
27/05/2009 5:40:52 alisS* Jake sits near me
27/05/2009 5:40:55 alisS* Jake begins to laugh...
27/05/2009 5:41:12 alisS* Jake thennn
27/05/2009 5:41:25 alisS* Jake we just keep getting closer and closer
27/05/2009 5:41:27 alisS* Jake insinuating
27/05/2009 5:41:35 alisS* Jake he tells me to close my eyes
27/05/2009 5:41:36 alisS* Jake i do it
27/05/2009 5:42:02 alisS* Jake he bites my lip gently and well i try to kiss him back, he avoids it
27/05/2009 5:42:07 alisS* Jake well he was teasing me basically
27/05/2009 5:42:29 alisS* Jake so i just try to kiss him again
27/05/2009 5:42:36 alisS* Jake i do it but he stops after 1 second
27/05/2009 5:42:58 alisS* Jake begins to play with my hair... dont know
27/05/2009 5:43:03 alisS* Jake kisses my ear again
27/05/2009 5:43:09 alisS* Jake whispers me dirty stuff
27/05/2009 5:43:16 alisS* Jake goes down to the neck
27/05/2009 5:43:24 alisS* Jake and begins to just kiss it aswell
27/05/2009 5:43:29 alisS* Jake while touching me all around
27/05/2009 5:43:37 alisS* Jake i do the same, just touch him and let me carry
27/05/2009 5:43:49 alisS* Jake i mean
27/05/2009 5:43:56 alisS* Jake its so much of a turn on to get your neck kissed
27/05/2009 5:43:58 alisS* Jake you cant imagine
27/05/2009 5:43:59 alisS* Jake ;p
27/05/2009 5:44:14 alisS* Jake so he goes back up to my mouth
27/05/2009 5:44:16 alisS* Jake teases me again
27/05/2009 5:44:24 alisS* Jake ends the kiss after 1 second
27/05/2009 5:44:26 alisS* Jake then looks at me
27/05/2009 5:44:43 alisS* Jake then kisses me and removes my top
27/05/2009 5:44:46 alisS* Jake so the kiss only lasted 2-3 seconds
27/05/2009 5:45:01 alisS* Jake then we have this long kiss
27/05/2009 5:45:17 alisS* Jake in which he just touches my boobs, plays with my nipple
27/05/2009 5:45:30 alisS* Jake he suddenly ends it
27/05/2009 5:45:35 alisS* Jake then he goes down my neck again
27/05/2009 5:45:59 alisS* Jake and well getting closer and closer to my boobs
27/05/2009 5:46:10 alisS* Jake so i just take off my bra
27/05/2009 5:46:25 alisS* Jake he begins to pass his tongue near them
27/05/2009 5:46:31 alisS* Jake to tease me again basically
27/05/2009 5:46:52 alisS* Jake then we just
27/05/2009 5:47:01 alisS* Jake simply jumps up
27/05/2009 5:47:05 alisS* Jake and goes to my bedroom
27/05/2009 5:47:09 alisS* Jake so i just follow him
27/05/2009 5:47:19 alisS* Jake slap him in the ass
27/05/2009 5:47:20 alisS* Jake when im there
27/05/2009 5:47:24 alisS* Jake he just throws me down
27/05/2009 5:47:30 alisS* Jake begins to play with my boobs again
27/05/2009 5:47:34 alisS* Jake kisses them
27/05/2009 5:47:36 alisS* Jake touches them
27/05/2009 5:47:42 alisS* Jake plays with my nipples
27/05/2009 5:48:00 alisS* Jake so yeah atm im just laying there
27/05/2009 5:48:17 alisS* Jake then he well
27/05/2009 5:48:30 alisS* Jake he has his clothes on still
27/05/2009 5:48:36 alisS* Jake so i get his shirt off
27/05/2009 5:48:46 alisS* Jake and he begins to like
27/05/2009 5:49:06 alisS* Jake well he goes up to kiss me again
27/05/2009 5:49:09 alisS* Jake and begins to
27/05/2009 5:49:52 alisS* Jake slowly put his cock near my pussy, first it was just touch it gently
27/05/2009 5:50:09 alisS* Jake again teasing me
27/05/2009 5:50:26 Jake alisS* This guy is a pimp
27/05/2009 5:50:28 alisS* Jake well he begins to idk
27/05/2009 5:50:31 alisS* Jake move it, make me horny
27/05/2009 5:50:32 alisS* Jake make me wet
Stranger: im smoking hot atm
27/05/2009 5:50:35 alisS* Jake really
27/05/2009 5:50:39 alisS* Jake this is just too much of a turn on ;p
27/05/2009 5:50:54 alisS* Jake so after that
27/05/2009 5:50:55 alisS* Jake he just does this
27/05/2009 5:50:57 alisS* Jake kisses me
27/05/2009 5:51:06 alisS* Jake plays with my boobs with 1 hand
27/05/2009 5:51:17 alisS* Jake then he just stops everything
27/05/2009 5:51:26 alisS* Jake puts one of his fingers in my mouth
27/05/2009 5:51:32 alisS* Jake goes back to my boobs and slowly begins to descend
27/05/2009 5:51:36 alisS* Jake dont know licking me etc
27/05/2009 5:51:58 alisS* Jake i still had my clothes on apart from top/bra
27/05/2009 5:52:00 alisS* Jake so
27/05/2009 5:52:07 Jake alisS* Do you need to keep going?
27/05/2009 5:52:21 alisS* Jake well this was just so...
27/05/2009 5:52:22 alisS* Jake dont know
27/05/2009 5:52:34 alisS* Jake if you want i can continue
27/05/2009 5:52:36 alisS* Jake if not its np
27/05/2009 5:52:48 Jake alisS* Well it is really hot
27/05/2009 5:53:04 alisS* Jake so want me to go on?
27/05/2009 5:53:29 Jake alisS* Yeah]
27/05/2009 5:53:37 alisS* Jake aight so back into traack
27/05/2009 5:53:49 alisS* Jake hes licking me atm
27/05/2009 5:53:52 alisS* Jake i still got my jeans on
27/05/2009 5:53:54 alisS* Jake and panties
27/05/2009 5:53:58 alisS* Jake he isnt touching them
27/05/2009 5:54:14 alisS* Jake just licking me
27/05/2009 5:54:22 alisS* Jake i just raise my hips
27/05/2009 5:54:27 Jake alisS* This is all going on as we speak?
27/05/2009 5:54:30 alisS* Jake no
27/05/2009 5:54:35 alisS* Jake this was 4 hours ago
27/05/2009 5:54:37 alisS* Jake well
27/05/2009 5:54:38 alisS* Jake 3-4
27/05/2009 5:55:19 alisS* Jake so i just raise my hips
27/05/2009 5:55:40 alisS* Jake he begins to touch my legs while kissing me
27/05/2009 5:56:01 alisS* Jake after a while i just take off my jeans leaving me well in panties
27/05/2009 5:56:05 alisS* Jake so he's still kissing and touching
27/05/2009 5:56:11 alisS* Jake then he goes lower
27/05/2009 5:56:12 alisS* Jake and lower
27/05/2009 5:56:14 alisS* Jake then back up agian
27/05/2009 5:56:15 alisS* Jake again
27/05/2009 5:56:39 alisS* Jake puts his finger in my mouth
27/05/2009 5:56:44 alisS* Jake makes me bite it
27/05/2009 5:56:52 alisS* Jake then suddenly he's kissing my hows it called
27/05/2009 5:56:57 alisS* Jake upper part of the legs idk
27/05/2009 5:57:29 alisS* Jake so he just begins to kiss them, lick them
27/05/2009 5:57:38 alisS* Jake not going anywhere close to my pussy
27/05/2009 5:57:46 alisS* Jake he just goes close
27/05/2009 5:57:48 alisS* Jake then goes far away
27/05/2009 5:58:04 alisS* Jake im so hot atm i just slam his face against it
27/05/2009 5:58:26 alisS* Jake he gets his tongue out and licks it through my panties, again teasing me, 1 lick that is
27/05/2009 5:58:29 alisS* Jake and goes back to kissing
27/05/2009 5:58:36 alisS* Jake he just alternates
27/05/2009 5:58:38 alisS* Jake touches my boobs
27/05/2009 5:58:41 alisS* Jake puts finger in mouth
27/05/2009 5:58:42 alisS* Jake kisses me
27/05/2009 5:58:43 alisS* Jake dont know
27/05/2009 5:58:49 alisS* Jake we spend a good 2-3 minutes like this
27/05/2009 5:59:03 alisS* Jake untill he gets off his jeans
27/05/2009 5:59:09 alisS* Jake and well gets his head back up to where my is
27/05/2009 5:59:27 alisS* Jake does a short kiss, like always teasing me
27/05/2009 5:59:49 alisS* Jake we'll he has no pants atm right so
27/05/2009 5:59:52 alisS* Jake he just
27/05/2009 5:59:55 alisS* Jake puts his cock near my pussy
27/05/2009 5:59:57 alisS* Jake and begins to talk dirty
27/05/2009 6:00:00 alisS* Jake moves it a bit gently
27/05/2009 6:00:23 alisS* Jake at this point im just
27/05/2009 6:00:25 alisS* Jake exploding ;p
27/05/2009 6:00:39 alisS* Jake so well when he's done
27/05/2009 6:00:49 alisS* Jake he goes back to my pussy
27/05/2009 6:00:51 alisS* Jake touches it a bit
27/05/2009 6:00:53 alisS* Jake removes my panties
27/05/2009 6:01:06 alisS* Jake begins to lick it
27/05/2009 6:01:17 alisS* Jake lick it really well... i dont know
27/05/2009 6:01:25 alisS* Jake after 2-3 minutes im already having an orgasm
27/05/2009 6:01:33 alisS* Jake he just keeps licking
27/05/2009 6:01:36 alisS* Jake and licking
27/05/2009 6:01:44 alisS* Jake then he well does it less
27/05/2009 6:01:47 alisS* Jake keeps alternating and stops
27/05/2009 6:01:48 alisS* Jake licking
27/05/2009 6:02:15 alisS* Jake then i begin to touch his cock
27/05/2009 6:02:38 alisS* Jake he kisses me in the mouth
27/05/2009 6:03:00 alisS* Jake so after a while
27/05/2009 6:03:18 alisS* Jake i just place myself on top suddnely cause he was on top all this time
27/05/2009 6:03:57 alisS* Jake begin to suck his cock after teasing him abit around with my hands and kissing him
27/05/2009 6:04:16 alisS* Jake so i just work on it gently
27/05/2009 6:04:31 alisS* Jake doing everything that comes to mind
27/05/2009 6:05:08 alisS* Jake then i just like, well while sucking his cock and its in my mouth he pushes my head down
27/05/2009 6:05:55 alisS* Jake i choke on it, grab his cock with my hands, place my head on his chest and place my pussy touching his cock
27/05/2009 6:06:06 alisS* Jake we begin to talk dirty to each other idk
27/05/2009 6:06:24 alisS* Jake basically at this point i forgot that i even had a hangover ;p
27/05/2009 6:06:42 alisS* Jake so after doing that for a while
27/05/2009 6:06:44 alisS* Jake he gets on top
27/05/2009 6:06:56 alisS* Jake begins to kiss me
27/05/2009 6:07:00 alisS* Jake goes down to my pussy again
27/05/2009 6:07:07 alisS* Jake same procedure as before just faster
27/05/2009 6:07:10 alisS* Jake kisses it
27/05/2009 6:07:27 alisS* Jake begins to finger/lick it but while massaging my anus (big turn on really)
27/05/2009 6:07:39 alisS* Jake thennnn
27/05/2009 6:07:50 alisS* Jake after a while im just moving my hips again by myself
27/05/2009 6:07:53 alisS* Jake hes doing his thing
27/05/2009 6:08:06 alisS* Jake massaging my anus etc
27/05/2009 6:08:11 alisS* Jake then he puts 1 finger inside it
27/05/2009 6:08:15 alisS* Jake and begins to move it gently
27/05/2009 6:08:20 alisS* Jake while licking my pussy
27/05/2009 6:08:42 alisS* Jake at this point im just exploding again
27/05/2009 6:09:02 alisS* Jake cause well
27/05/2009 6:09:15 alisS* Jake its just really good when someone knows how to do it properly
27/05/2009 6:09:29 Jake alisS* Yeah
27/05/2009 6:09:40 alisS* Jake i have another orgasm, that goes 2 and we haven't even well
27/05/2009 6:09:43 alisS* Jake went to the business already
27/05/2009 6:09:51 alisS* Jake business yet* sorry
27/05/2009 6:10:30 alisS* Jake well he starts doing it slower and slower
27/05/2009 6:10:32 alisS* Jake then he stops
27/05/2009 6:10:51 alisS* Jake and begins to tease me putting his cock near my pussy but not inside
27/05/2009 6:10:56 alisS* Jake which is where all nerves are so ;p
27/05/2009 6:11:01 alisS* Jake most at least
27/05/2009 6:11:22 alisS* Jake so
27/05/2009 6:11:37 alisS* Jake after a good while of teases
27/05/2009 6:11:54 alisS* Jake he finally puts it inside really gently
27/05/2009 6:11:57 alisS* Jake not moving it at all basically
27/05/2009 6:12:01 alisS* Jake just keeping it there
27/05/2009 6:12:14 alisS* Jake well he begins to speed up
27/05/2009 6:12:18 alisS* Jake then slow down
27/05/2009 6:12:20 alisS* Jake etc alternate
27/05/2009 6:12:30 alisS* Jake this is all in missionaire basically
27/05/2009 6:12:50 alisS* Jake so then i just turnh im around
27/05/2009 6:13:05 alisS* Jake hes in bottom im on top
27/05/2009 6:13:21 alisS* Jake well i begin to move my hips etc
27/05/2009 6:13:24 alisS* Jake in a circular way
27/05/2009 6:13:33 alisS* Jake then changing
27/05/2009 6:13:56 alisS* Jake we keep on doing this
27/05/2009 6:14:40 alisS* Jake then he suddenly stops
27/05/2009 6:14:49 alisS* Jake makes me turn around in a 69 position him on bottom
27/05/2009 6:15:13 alisS* Jake well we begin to work each other right
27/05/2009 6:15:29 alisS* Jake we both have 1 finger in each other's anus
27/05/2009 6:15:31 alisS* Jake we both move it
27/05/2009 6:15:34 alisS* Jake we both do the same basically
27/05/2009 6:16:06 alisS* Jake we spend a good while doing this
27/05/2009 6:16:40 alisS* Jake then well we stop
27/05/2009 6:17:03 Jake alisS* Why?
27/05/2009 6:17:04 alisS* Jake well
27/05/2009 6:17:07 alisS* Jake we stop doing 69
27/05/2009 6:17:08 alisS* Jake but well
27/05/2009 6:17:11 alisS* Jake he puts me under
27/05/2009 6:17:16 alisS* Jake so
27/05/2009 6:17:42 alisS* Jake i just raise my legs, so its like missionaire with legs risen basically
27/05/2009 6:17:46 alisS* Jake again he begins to fuck me
27/05/2009 6:17:48 alisS* Jake while teasing me
27/05/2009 6:18:13 alisS* Jake here again im just
27/05/2009 6:18:20 alisS* Jake exploding again
27/05/2009 6:18:25 alisS* Jake reaching climax basically
27/05/2009 6:18:43 Jake alisS* How long did all of this last?
27/05/2009 6:18:47 alisS* Jake about
27/05/2009 6:18:49 alisS* Jake well the whole thing
27/05/2009 6:18:52 alisS* Jake 3 hours ish
27/05/2009 6:19:01 Jake alisS* Damn
27/05/2009 6:19:08 Jake alisS* You two dating now?
27/05/2009 6:19:15 alisS* Jake na ;p
27/05/2009 6:19:27 alisS* Jake so well
27/05/2009 6:19:35 alisS* Jake basically we keep doing this
27/05/2009 6:19:44 alisS* Jake hes about to cum aswell cause well i notice it
27/05/2009 6:19:52 Jake alisS* Fuck buddies?
27/05/2009 6:19:56 alisS* Jake so im having an orgasm atm
27/05/2009 6:19:57 alisS* Jake na not really
27/05/2009 6:20:02 alisS* Jake and he knows he cant just stop it like this
27/05/2009 6:20:03 alisS* Jake so he just
27/05/2009 6:20:10 alisS* Jake quickly changes and begins to lick my pussy
27/05/2009 6:20:28 alisS* Jake while penetrating my anus with his finger, moving it around, massaging it
27/05/2009 6:20:45 alisS* Jake then well
27/05/2009 6:21:02 alisS* Jake he just sticks it inside my pussy again
27/05/2009 6:21:05 alisS* Jake really slowly this time
27/05/2009 6:21:07 alisS* Jake moving it really slowly
27/05/2009 6:21:21 alisS* Jake im still yelling atm
27/05/2009 6:21:23 alisS* Jake cause its just
27/05/2009 6:21:24 alisS* Jake too much ;p
27/05/2009 6:21:34 alisS* Jake so after couple of seconds
27/05/2009 6:21:35 alisS* Jake say 30ish
27/05/2009 6:21:45 alisS* Jake hes going to cum
27/05/2009 6:22:03 alisS* Jake so he just cums on my boobs basically
27/05/2009 6:22:10 alisS* Jake and makes me play with it
27/05/2009 6:22:13 alisS* Jake best finisher ever
27/05/2009 6:22:33 alisS* Jake then well
27/05/2009 6:22:35 alisS* Jake he's done, im not
27/05/2009 6:22:42 alisS* Jake cause you cant just leave a girl while you're done
27/05/2009 6:22:47 alisS* Jake so he just begins to talk dirty to me
27/05/2009 6:23:03 alisS* Jake to "cool" me down
27/05/2009 6:23:12 alisS* Jake after that we just lay near each other
27/05/2009 6:23:16 alisS* Jake and i fall asleep he does aswell
27/05/2009 6:23:20 alisS* Jake i wake up after 1 hour
27/05/2009 6:23:21 alisS* Jake wake him up
27/05/2009 6:23:28 alisS* Jake (luckily)
27/05/2009 6:23:39 alisS* Jake so well
27/05/2009 6:23:57 alisS* Jake he wont wake up
27/05/2009 6:23:59 alisS* Jake so i begin to kiss him
27/05/2009 6:24:07 alisS* Jake etc
27/05/2009 6:24:09 alisS* Jake so he wakes up
27/05/2009 6:24:13 alisS* Jake he's like half asleep
27/05/2009 6:24:22 alisS* Jake i tell him that we can't stay here till ever etc he has to go home
27/05/2009 6:24:23 Jake alisS* You must be like the perfect partner
27/05/2009 6:24:36 alisS* Jake he doesnt live far away from me
27/05/2009 6:24:37 alisS* Jake but yeah
27/05/2009 6:24:38 alisS* Jake it was like
27/05/2009 6:24:44 alisS* Jake 4:30 am
27/05/2009 6:24:52 alisS* Jake so well
27/05/2009 6:24:55 alisS* Jake he gets dressed up
27/05/2009 6:25:01 Jake alisS* I wish I could have a great time like that now.....
27/05/2009 6:25:07 alisS* Jake ;p
27/05/2009 6:25:08 alisS* Jake i thank him
27/05/2009 6:25:15 alisS* Jake for giving me the best i've had in ages
27/05/2009 6:25:16 alisS* Jake cause really
27/05/2009 6:25:19 alisS* Jake he was so fucking good
27/05/2009 6:25:22 alisS* Jake just
27/05/2009 6:25:24 alisS* Jake perfect...
27/05/2009 6:25:32 alisS* Jake hes a complete idiot irl
27/05/2009 6:25:33 alisS* Jake but damn

Stranger: enjoy ;x
You: im so copying this
Stranger: x)
Stranger: that is how you please a girl
Stranger: really...
Stranger: holy shit
You: any last words?
Stranger: keep this for yourself will you :x
You: share with forums
You: the world will know your secret
Stranger: ah well
Stranger: :)
Stranger: at least it'll teach people
Stranger: how to please properly
Stranger: not just in and out 20 minutes bye.
Stranger: but really
Stranger: would be nice if you didnt post it on forums
Stranger: but well
Stranger: at least censure names
You: too late
You: dont worry
You: no last names
Stranger: guess you internet heroes get excited about this.. anyway
Stranger: give me a link at least
Stranger: ;p
You: its going everywhere
Stranger: alright
Stranger: so
Stranger: whats up
You: your innermost secrets are too long
You: have to upload in sections
Stranger: ;p
Stranger: where you uploading them then
You: ebaumsworld
Stranger: for feedback ;)
You: i will be shure to do that
You have disconnected.
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