For the Rest of Eternity

A long time criminal dies and goes to hell where he is greeted by the devil.

The devil tells the man "I will show you three rooms and you must choose which one you will spend enternity in." The man agrees and they look into the first room which is full of people painfully balancing on their heads on top of a mound rocks.

"I don't think i want to do this" the man says, and they both move to the next room. When the devil opens the door, the man sees a ton of people agonizingly balancing on their heads on top of rusty nails.

"I don't think i want to do this either," says the man, and they both move on. In the next and final room, the man sees an endless crowd of people drinking coffee while standing ankle deep in human feces.

"Hmm, this doesn't look so bad, i choose this room," the man says, to which the devil hands him a cup of coffee and leaves the room.

Five minutes later the devil re-enters the room and says, "Ok, coffee break is over, everyone back on your hea
Uploaded 01/13/2008
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