freaky girl

A man and his friend are at the bar and the man's friend notices that his buddy is acting depressed and asks him what is wrong?

While I was at church one Sunday I met the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen before and I had to meet her.
After a few more weeks I finally worked up the nerve to approach her and found out that she was very easy to talk to and we began to get along very well. As time went on she and I had started dating and after awhile the natural human urges started to take hold and we had decided that it was time for sex.

His friend doesn't see anything wrong with this and asks him to finish his story.

Well I just don't understand her the man says, she is kind of a freak... she always wants me to put my dick in her ears.

His buddy says what? That is odd.

I know the man says, every time I try to get her to suck it she turns her head.
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