Gateway to heaven

A black guy and white and a midget are at the gate of heaven, God tells them, "to get into heaven, i have to hear who had the most dramatic death"

The black guy says, "when i came home in my apartment, i saw my wife in bed naked, i was thinking that she was cheating on me, i saw a white guy hanging from my balcony and he was naked, i use a hammer on his fingers, it didnt work, so i threw a fridge at him then he died, i felt bad, and my wife cheated on me, so i shot my self in the head. Then god says " you have commited 2 sins for killing a man and killing your self and no, thats not dramatic enough...."

Then the white guy says, "well, i was working out naked, then i fell out of my window, i was hanging onto a balcony until a guy hammered my hands, i was saved by a tree until he threw a fridge at me then i died. Then god says "thats not dramatic enough...."

Then the midget says, "well i was the one in the fridge"

so who did wife sleep with?
Uploaded 01/28/2009
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