guy and midget in a bar

One day a guy decides to go to the bar, and after drinking for a couple of hours he has to piss. He get up and walks to the bathroom, when he enters the bathroom he only sees a midget and so he walks to the urnal and starts to piss. After a little while he nottices that the midget is starring at him but hes pretty drunk and just goes back to pissing, a little while latter he looks over and the midget is still staring at him so the guy decides to ask him why are you staring at me while im pissing and the midget replies oh it nothing really it just that you have to niciest pair of balls i have ever seen in my life. The guy then replies why thank you and the midget then says sir if you wouldn't mind do you think i could touch them, being pretty drunk the guy sees no harm in it and says sure. The midget grabs a step latter gets a nice firm grasp on the guys balls and says alright now give me your wallet or i'll jump.
Uploaded 11/09/2008
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