Her piece

A lil boy walks up to a whorehouse dragging a dead frog behind him. He knocks at the door and a wrinkle ridden madam answers the door, "may I help you lil boy?" asked the smut queen, "yes, I would like to sleep with one of your ladies please." said the boy. "but you are far too young to be out this late let alone partake in any activities here sweetheart" the boy pulls out his wallet and hands the madam $200 the madam says, " she'll be waiting upstairs for you". The boy asks if he could have a girl with herpes, "herpes?" asked the madam. And the boy pulled out another $200. "herpes it is" said the madam. About a half an hour later the lil stud walks out ofmthe room dragging his frog all the while grinning from ear to ear. The madam sees the boymas he is leaving and has give in to her curiosity, "lil boy, may I ask what would make you come down here to pay $400 to get herpes from one of my girls?" the boy stopped in his tracks, turned around and looked at that smut and said " well you see, now that I have gotten herpes from sweet sweet Amber, I'm gonna go home to the babysitter who is waiting for me, oh she is waiting loves the young dick she does. So I'm gonna bang the dog snot out of the babysitter and she will then have herpes. When my mom and pop come home, my dad will take the babysitter home but not before he bangs her on the side of the road, so he will then have herpes. Then pop will come home and make love to my mom and she will get herpes. So at some point tomorrow morning when pop goes to work the UPS guy will come to my house and have sex with my mom and HE will get herpes......AND HE IS THE MOTHERFUCKER WHO RAN OVER MY FROG!!!
Uploaded 07/23/2011
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