Hid the body.....True conversation

Me: I hid the body and now i dont know what to do. OMG OMG OMG HELP!!!!!! 10:53 PM
+18043868601: Change clothes and donate the ones you were wearing 10:54 PM
Me: Ok then what do i do?? 10:55 PM
+18043868601: Grab importand documents, money and such then burn down the house and leave 10:57 PM
Me: What do i do then? Where will I go? 10:57 PM
+18043868601: Northeast fir 17 miles until you get to a sub-urban gas station where you will stock up on supplies 10:59 PM
Me: What should I buy and where do I go from there? 11:00 PM
+18043868601: Water, food. Get different varieties of food and soap or such if you can find it but not so much that they will question you 11:01 PM
Me: Who would question me?!?!!? And where do I go from there??? 11:03 PM
+18043868601: 7 miles north and then east until you get to a camping store 11:04 PM
Me: What should I buy there? Also, my roomates saw the incident and they said they wont tell, but one of them is a snitch. What do i do???? 11:06 PM
+18043868601: Ok, get two tarps, a large and medium size knife, crossbow, twelve arrows, and smell repelant 11:10 PM
+18043868601: As for the snitch, don't worry about them. 11:10 PM
Me: Ok where do I go after I buy the supplies? 11:11 PM
+18043868601: Oh get a hat too with the first round of supplies 11:12 PM
Me: Ok 11:12 PM
+18043868601: (1/2) Then go back in the store with the hat on, take the tag off, and buy a 4 person, heavy duty tent, two 5 gal buckets, a canteen, and a collapsable fishing 11:14 PM
+18043868601: (2/2) pole and lures, also extra line and get 1000 feet of rope and a roll of twine and needles and thread 11:14 PM
Me: Alright, then what do I do? 11:16 PM
+18043868601: Now find a wooded place 1.5 miles off a road 11:17 PM
Me: Ok then what? I really need help man.... 11:18 PM
+18043868601: Put some food wrapers on the ground and crumbs and now cover yourself and the car, starting with the driver's seat with the smell masker 11:21 PM
Me: Ok then what do i do? 11:21 PM
+18043868601: (1/2) Now slowly drive back to the main road and then keep going north 7 miles then east 5 until you feel like sleeping or you are close to a border. Then camp 11:22 PM
+18043868601: (2/2) out until morning 11:22 PM
+18043868601: I have to sleep now but in the mean time take the battery out of your phone, only put it in to text me in 8 hours 11:24 PM
Me: Ok. You have randomly been chosen to be the reciever of a facebook prank. Thank you for you participation and have a nice night. Enjoy the nice weather in VA. 11:24 PM
+18043868601: You have a nice night too 11:25 PM
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