Holy Golf

Jesus, Moses and an old man are playing golf one day. Moses steps up to the tee, and shanks one to the left, directly into a pond. Moses walks over to the pond, spreads his hands and the pond water recedes. He steps down and chips in the shot for a birdie.

Jesus steps up, he shanks one to the right toward another pond. He walks over to the pond, walks on top of the water, raises the ball up, and chips it in for a birdie.

The old man steps up the tee with a ragged old club. He swings and totally destroys the ball, so hard in fact, that it sails over the green towards a pond behind the green. But before it can go into the water, a fish jumps out of the water and swallows the ball. Before the fish lands back in the water, a hawk swoops down and grabs the fish in mid-air. As the hawk is flying back to its nest, a Boeing 747 hits the hawk. The hawk loses its grip on the fish, the fish falls toward the ground and lands a foot from the cup. The ball rolls out of the fish's mo
Uploaded 10/23/2008
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