Holy Mackerel!

A wealthy woman moves to America from France. She buys a large house and plans on having a large house-warming party with many distinguished guests. For the event she hires a famous artist to paint a picture to depict a moment in American history. She decides on General Custer’s last stand against the Indians. The painting was to depict what the American general was thinking the moment of his last battle.

He works feverishly on the painting and on the night of her party, his art is in the center of all the guests with a cloth covering it. Everyone draws their attention to the painting and he proudly pulls the cloth off the painting.

The guests gasps and scream when they see what is beneath. There are Indians having sex in every possible position, and even more bizarre is a large fish in the center of all the Indians with a halo over its head.

The French woman screams to the artist, "What is this? This is not what I asked for!" He replies, "Yes, it is. You asked me to depict what Custer was thinking during his last moments on earth. That was 'Holy Mackerel, look at all those fucking Indians!"
Uploaded 04/09/2009
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