How not to run a store

there are 2 stores on the border of Ohio and West Virginia 1 in Ohio and 1 in West Virginia, they are identical in what they sell and price. One day the owner of the West Virginia store goes over to the Ohio store to talk to the owner, he says "we sell the identical products and priced the same but you are making way more money than me how is that?" the Ohio owner says "well its all in the way you sell, watch how I handle this customer". the customer brings up a bag of grass seed to pay for and the owner says "planting some new grass huh?" customer says "yep" owner says "you know if you add some fertilizer to that seedit will grow thicker and greener" customer replies " your right give me some fertilizer too" owner rings it up and says "you know once that grass starts to grow your going to need to mow it we have riding mowers on sale" customer says "yea I do need a mower" guy pays for his stuff and leaves. Ohio owner says 'now you see that guy comes in for $50 bag of seed and ends up spending $2000" West Virginia owner says "say no more I know what I'm doing wrong. goes back to his store and a woman asks him if they have Kotex he says" yes ma'am let me ring that up for ya.......You know we have riding mowers on sale" puzzled she says"why the hell would I buy a mower?" Owner says"well your not going to be having sex for a week so get out and mow the lawn!!"
Uploaded 11/11/2008
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